Where can I find an egg-free or gluten-free cake for special occasions?

Close up Autumn Macaronia

For anyone who suffers an egg or gluten allergy, celebrating special occasions (such as a loved one’s birthday or enjoying Christmas time) can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge food-wise. This can be especially the case if you aren’t organising the special event yourself, as it makes it difficult to control (or know for certain) whether or not cakes and treats on offer really are allergen-free. Even then, some allergen ingredients are in just so many foods, that it can make it almost impossible at times to avoid them. For instance, if you have an egg allergy or a gluten allergy can be particularly troublesome (which I’m sure you are aware of already if you have one of these intolerances!). 

You may also encounter difficulties with special events in going egg-free or gluten-free if you have decided to eliminate these from your diet out of personal choice. And of course, there are also the preconceptions concerning taste: can you really make a delicious egg-free cake or gluten-free cake? Is it possible to get the same soft, light consistency by removing certain key ingredients?

I’m happy to say from experience that yes, you can absolutely create a gluten-free cake or eggless cake and still enjoy the heavenly taste and texture of a traditional one!


Gluten-free Cakes at 7Marvels

All of our bespoke cakes and pastries at 7Marvel’s can be adapted to be completely gluten-free, without compromising at all on the wonderful taste you’ve come to know and love from us. This also applies to our baked to order French macarons, which are naturally gluten-free. You can still enjoy the same mouth-watering flavours, the same lusciously light, airy sponge, and all without having to worry about any allergens.

Take a look at what our customers have to say about our bespoke gluten-free cakes: 

“The cakes were really wonderful. Everyone agreed they tasted as good as they looked. Not too sweet, and very light and fruity. The gluten free version was a real surprise. Apparently it tasted identical to the large cake (I’m the GF one). Great for me as I rarely get to eat desserts, and more rarely excellent ones as this was. My choice was the: “French Fruit Macaronia” Cake – 6 inches” – Mr. Greg Bowman

Egg-free cakes at 7Marvels

I’ve also seen an increasing number of my customers requesting egg-free cakes for their bespoke cakes, French macarons, and pastry orders of late. Creating beautiful products that taste every bit as good as they look has always been my top priority, and so I’ve worked hard to create new recipes for eggless cakes that deliver exactly that for you! At 7Marvel’s, I’m proud to say that every single cake can be made into an egg-free cake! Delectably light, and not too sweet, my egg-free cake recipes are tried and tested: you can rest assured you (or a loved one with a gluten intolerance) will miss out on an opportunity to indulge a sweet tooth in the most delicious way possible!


Ordering a gluten-free cake or eggless cake with 7Marvels

If you are looking to buy a magnificent gluten-free cake or eggless bespoke cake that is exquisitely good, simply send us a message today. We can happily adapt all our cakes for gluten or egg allergies, or whatever your preferences may be.