Reducing sugar in cakes

Christmas Lemon Strawberry Entremet

Many customers of mine are looking for ways to keep healthy by making small yet manageable lifestyle changes to their diet. This means I often get asked about reducing sugar when someone makes a bespoke cake, pastry, or French macaron order.

When it comes to sugar, I think it is important not to discredit it entirely: approximately 50% of our daily energy intake should consist of sugars. “This includes all sugars: contained in food or added,” says dietician Nathalie Négro. However, it is also worth keeping in mind that it doesn’t mean you should eat tons of chocolate all day, every day: it is recommended that sugars that aren’t naturally occurring should not make up more than 10% of your total daily energy intake.

Of course, here at 7Marvels, I’m very aware that added sugar also includes the kind found in my delicious desserts! But if you are trying to minimise your sugar intake (or you are on a low carbohydrate diet) it is still very much possible to indulge in a treat every so often, without compromising on the delectable flavour that makes you crave a sugar moment in the first place.

In fact, my new range of low-sugar cakes are a match made in heaven for you!

Christmas Cloud Cake

A wonderfully light reduced sugar cake, just in time for the festive season! This handcrafted cake has a moreish soft centre: made from a light, chocolate mousse, before being enrobed in a chocolate and cacao nibs biscuit topping. Simply delicious.


Lemon and Strawberry Christmas Entremet

An exquisite centrepiece that will be the perfect dessert any table, and will certainly be enjoyed by all your loved ones. Made with a zingy, cloud-like lemon mousse, a jelly insert, lemon genoise, and a crisp, freshly baked biscuit base. 

Chocolate and Blackcurrant Entremet

This delightful, reduced sugar cake is truly stunning to look at and made with the greatest attention to detail. Crafted with a lusciously light chocolate mousse, a tangy blackcurrant insert on top of a moreish chocolate genoise, it is then adorned in a beautiful mirror glaze. So pretty, it’s almost tempting to not bite into it at all!

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can get the satisfying sweetness you are looking for, without adding high amounts of sugar, comprising your health or getting irritated by clothes that don’t fit anymore!.  At 7Marvels, I always try to reduce the amount of sugar used in all our products wherever possible, whilst still providing you with the incredible taste we pride ourselves on. I regularly test new recipes for delectable desserts that are low in sugar, yet are still ones you will want to savour for a special treat.

If you are looking for a cake that is lighter, healthier, yet still oh-so-delicious, take a look at some of our recently added gourmet desserts above, that have been specifically made with reduced sugar in mind, just for you. Contact us directly if there is a bespoke cake of ours that you have your eye on, but would like to reduce the sugar content of: we will gladly arrange this for you!