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The Queen’s Chocolate Birthday Cake – designed for royalty!

Queen Chocolate Cake slice

There is a real life royal story behind this cake. Back in the 19th century Queen Victoria’s Swiss born chef, Gabriel Tschumi, came up with a recipe for a very fine, intensely chocolate cake.  It clearly went down well with Queen Victoria, and very likely with succeeding monarchs because our very own Queen Elizabeth, Queen […]

Reducing sugar in cakes

Christmas Lemon Strawberry Entremet

Many customers of mine are looking for ways to keep healthy by making small yet manageable lifestyle changes to their diet. This means I often get asked about reducing sugar when someone makes a bespoke cake, pastry, or French macaron order. When it comes to sugar, I think it is important not to discredit it […]

Where can I find an egg-free or gluten-free cake for special occasions?

Close up Autumn Macaronia

For anyone who suffers an egg or gluten allergy, celebrating special occasions (such as a loved one’s birthday or enjoying Christmas time) can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge food-wise. This can be especially the case if you aren’t organising the special event yourself, as it makes it difficult to control (or know for […]