The inspiration behind our Christmas range

Christmas Cake

The “most wonderful time of the year” is soon approaching — and don’t we all certainly deserve an indulgent treat or two this winter after a testing six months! With that in mind, I truly wanted to create beautiful, bespoke products for the Christmas range that would be full of festive cheer, brightening your and your loved ones day and catering to all tastes. I’d like to tell you a bit more about the stories behind each cake, and why I’m delighted to share them with you this festive season.


Gingerbread and honey cake

This gingerbread and honey cake holds a very special place in my heart: it is crafted using the very same recipe that my mother used when I was a little girl. The wonderful aroma of gingerbread fragrancing the kitchen brings back wonderful memories of my childhood, and especially ones of hot cups of cocoa by the roaring fire. This is truly my favourite Christmas cake.

Mont Blanc Christmas cake

For me, this cake is a travel of the senses, and is in particular inspired by a bustling Paris during the festive season: which has a simply magical, unrivalled ambiance. Its flavours are influenced by the truly delectable Mont-Blanc aux marrons cake (a sweetened chestnut French dessert) as well as  of course, the eponymous snow-capped mountains of Mont-Blanc.

Christmas Cloud cake

One of two special Christmas desserts as part of my festive range that are stunningly flavoursome, yet lighter in nature. An entremet is a kind of multi-layered mousse cake, enrobed in a delicious glaze that is delicately crafted to a fine art. This Christmas Cloud cake is a wonderful blend of light chocolate mousse, on a sumptuous bed of fine chocolate and almond biscuit.

Lemon and Strawberry Entremet

The second entremet is for those looking for a light, yet delightfully fruity festive dessert to share with loved ones. A mouthwatering blend of lusciously soft, moreish lemon mousse and a fine layer of freshly baked lemon biscuit base and a strawberry jelly insert to finish.

French Macarons tower

50 colourful, subtly almond flavoured delights: these meringue-based French macarons are an elegant way to celebrate Christmas, and can it get much better than through the form of a cascading tower? The macaron as we know it is a perfect concoction of a crisp meringue base, and a velvety smooth filling, created in Paris in the 1830s, and has become increasingly popular in the UK.

Signature Christmas Log

Christmas is all about indulgence, so it made perfect sense to make a wonderfully decadent Christmas yule log: made even more so with a mouthwatering array of caramelised nuts. Originating from France, (known as the Bûche de Noël) the tradition behind this cake is originally inspired by the actual log that would be selected to be burned on the hearth on Christmas Day!

Traditional Christmas Cake

Of course, it wouldn’t be a British Christmas without a fruit cake! Our handcrafted cake is bejewelled with succulent, plump dried fruits, and is exquisitely moistened with brandy for a deeper flavour. Hints of warming cinnamon, ginger spice, and marzipan are also added, with just the right amount of snowy icing. It truly ticks all the festive boxes in terms of aroma, taste and texture!