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French Macarons

Macaron or Macaroon? The Answer Is Clear!

If you’re a fan of light, fluffy French macarons, then you might get a little miffed every time someone calls them macaroons. After all, macaroons are those singed, coconutty treats that are about as far from dainty French cookies as you can get, right? WRONG! It turns out that both macarons and macaroons can lay […]

7Marvels hits the headlines!

Well, not exactly the headlines, but 7Marvels did feature in an article in the Telegraph newspaper.  The piece, “The best show-stopping alternatives to traditional wedding cake”, describes how many couples are now leaving the customary, multi-tiered wedding cake behind and choosing exciting alternatives instead, such as our 7Marvels macaron tower. The Telegraph says “Macarons are a […]

Caribbean Chocolate Macarons

The origin of Caribbean cocoa beans Cocoa (from the Spanish word, cacao) has a long and fascinating history, stretching back at least 4000 years. The ancient civilisation of the Mayans used cocoa beans for medicinal purposes and to make a bitter drink used in traditional rituals. The Aztecs later used cocoa beans as currency, clearly […]

Salted Caramel Macarons

Salted butter caramel, a deliciously irresistible combination of caramel, salt and butter, has a whole story behind it and its ingredients! Brittany salt The 14th century in France was a key period when the virtues of salt were discovered with regard to food preservation. In 1343, King Philip VI introduced the “gabelle”, a salt tax, […]

Strawberries and Cream Macarons

Quintessentially English What do strawberries and cream make you think of? Sitting on a grassy bank watching rowers on a tree-lined river Thames at the Henley Regatta? Sipping champagne in a flower festooned marquee at a summer wedding reception? In short, to many people, strawberries and cream mean a perfect summer’s day in England.    […]

Valentine’s Day

“Love planted a rose and the world turned sweet” … Katharine Lee Bates Fast approaching is Valentine’s Day, with its tradition of sending letters, cards or gifts, often featuring heart shapes. But who was Valentine? What is actually behind this celebration of love? And how did the traditions associated with it begin? Valentine’s Day (properly […]