The Queen’s Chocolate Birthday Cake – designed for royalty!

Queen Chocolate Cake slice
Queen Chocolate Cake

There is a real life royal story behind this cake. Back in the 19th century Queen Victoria’s Swiss born chef, Gabriel Tschumi, came up with a recipe for a very fine, intensely chocolate cake.  It clearly went down well with Queen Victoria, and very likely with succeeding monarchs because our very own Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria’s great-great granddaughter, adopted it as her traditional birthday cake. Darren McGrady, who was Queen Elizabeth’s chef for over a decade, says she would request it every year, not only for her actual birthday on the 21st April but also for her official birthday in June. So he baked the Queen’s chocolate birthday cake for all her birthdays and probably for many others’ birthdays too, judging by its popularity in the Royal Household.

It’s a real family recipe, a Royal Family recipe and has certainly stood the test of time – a right royal timeless cake! You can now share the experience of kings, queens, princes and princesses as this superb creation is now part of the 7Marvels repertoire.