Wedding cake tastings and design consultations

I am delighted to meet you and your partner to discuss your plans for your wedding cake while you sample a selection of freshly baked cake flavours.

Each tasting plate contains a minimum of six freshly baked cake samples of three flavours of your choice alongside with a glass of perfectly chilled champagne or warm tea. Upon requesting a booking for wedding cake consultation, please advise if there are any specific flavours on our menu that you would like to try, so I can advise you if they are available (remember that I only use seasonal products for the cakes; you can find the wedding cakes flavours here) .

The wedding cake testings and design consultations are £90 for 2 people. The spaces available are exceptionally limited each week with priority given to clients with an existing booking.

What should you expect at the wedding cake tasting?

wedding cake tasting, champagne

We will have a chat so I get to know you a little better. I will ask you about your wedding logistics (wedding date, venue, approximate guest count, the time of day your reception will be held) and I will walk you through the pricing of different options you’re considering, based on your budget.

There are several things you should consider before the wedding cake tasting:

How would you like the cake to look like? Gather some inspirational images and remember that your wedding style, the season, will help you determine how the cake will look like and what flavours to favour. When it comes to the appearance of the cake, do you prefer fondant or buttercream? Simple design or more elaborate, using fresh flowers?

We will discuss more than cake flavours. I would like to know about the design of the wedding, flowers and specifics of the wedding. All these informations will help me conceptualise an overall design of the cake.

And of course, we will take some time to know each other better. Creating a connection with your baker will make the process easier … and it will be fun!

If you’d like to arrange a consultation just get in touch and we’ll send through some available appointments for you to choose from.