Maya the Honey bee, my little marvel cake

Today, I would like to share with you the honey cake my mum used to bake for me. As a child, I always asked my mum to bake it as often as possible and not just during the holidays, as was the custom. I still remember that once I left my parents’ house and went to the university, I kept asking my mother to bake it for me every time she sent packages. I shared it with all my friends who always told me that my mother was the best pastry chef in the world.

Time passed and as we continued to live busy lives, I forgot about the honey cake. It turns out that 3 weeks ago, when I met the lovely Anna, she asked me if I could bake the honey cake for her son’s birthday. And then I remembered!

A little bit of history about this yummy cake….

It has been said that at the beginning of the 19th century, Empress Elizabeth, wife of the Emperor of Russia Alexander I, hated honey. But one day, a young pastry chef, a new recruit in the imperial kitchens to which it had not been specified the tastes of the empress, cooked a new honey dessert: the Medovik. Elizabeth, who did not know that the recipe was made with honey, was immediately won over by this pastry, now popular throughout eastern Europe.

My little marvel cake

My version of the cake is a bit adapted to my taste and the taste of the people I love.  I added nuts to the dough because I think the mixture of nuts and honey is simply amazing.

The 8 layers of dough that consist the cake are very thin, which may seem like a pancake cake.  Once the layers are baked, they are very crunchy, unlike the final texture of the cake, which is very soft. What makes the cake soft at the end, is the cream that will soften the cake layers and as a result it is a really soft and delicious cake.

Each step, starting with the layers and continuing with the baking and then resting in the fridge once the cake was filled takes all together three days.

But what a delight once you’ve tasted a piece! This dessert is my little marvel. If you want to try it, I’d be happy to prepare it for you; you can find it in my store.