7Marvels hits the headlines!

Well, not exactly the headlines, but 7Marvels did feature in an article in the Telegraph newspaper

The piece, “The best show-stopping alternatives to traditional wedding cake”, describes how many couples are now leaving the customary, multi-tiered wedding cake behind and choosing exciting alternatives instead, such as our 7Marvels macaron tower. The Telegraph says “Macarons are a timeless dessert that manage to posh up any affair. Not only is it a delicate option, but with so many colours and flavours to choose from, you can play with the display of them to make it a part of the wedding décor.”

Our bespoke service to customers means that we can fit your wedding cake to your exact specifications. Not only will it be an important part of the décor but it will also provide a most delicious and mouth-watering gastronomic delight.