Compassion, cakes and Covid

Recently, because of the challenging situation we have been facing, I have received many orders from clients living abroad who ask me to make cakes for their friends or family living in the UK. Their stories have been quite moving at times and I have been delighted to help them in their wish to make a day memorable by sending a cake for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion.

Here are a few of the stories.

So many celebration parties have had to be cancelled because of the virus. A group of university students, all living abroad, were supposed to gather and celebrate their friend’s birthday. Since all of them had to go back home and quarantine, the birthday party was called off. However, they decided to send a birthday cake and card to their friend so he could still enjoy that birthday feeling, and know that his friends were with him in spirit. I was delighted to create and supply that cake.

Thanks can be relayed across the world too! A family contacted me; they were living in Australia but their daughter was studying in the UK. When we had the first wave of the virus and subsequent lockdown, all schools and universities were closed and the students were supposed to go back home. However, their daughter couldn’t return to Australia, as the borders were closed. The parents were lucky enough to be friends with a lovely family here who were happy to give their daughter a temporary home and take care of her. To say thank you, the family from Australia asked me to bake an array of French macarons which, with a special card, was duly delivered and much appreciated.

Of course it’s not only young people who are missing their loved ones: these times may be even more poignant for the older generation. The mother of one of my clients was coming up to her 80th birthday. She was supposed to be meeting her daughters who live in the USA to celebrate the day. Covid meant this couldn’t happen so the daughters decided to ask me to bake a cake for their mother. Becoming an octogenarian is a big deal and the daughters really wanted to celebrate with her in person, probably next year. This was the plan –  to cheat time and have a rather unexpected message on the cake: “Happy 79th again, Mum!”  So next year they will celebrate her 80th birthday in the proper way, all together. It felt very good to make this product so unusually personal and be part of the process.

By having a role in these stories I feel like I’m taking part in the celebrations and the joy they bring. It makes me feel glad that I can do something to soften the effects of the pandemic. Every cloud has a silver lining and I am grateful and happy to do what I do – it brings me much joy every day.